Esther Project

Open Hands International (India) seeks to empower the young women from their teenage years. Esther Project seeks to provide a homely environment, quality education and guided development of lifestyle. Daily Chores, shopping for grocery, personal hygiene, use of money and kitchen skills are some areas where young women are trained. Such skills prepare them for their lives in general before they embark on their careers.

I am writing this to you to request your help for Miss Ebinezer a 22 year old student as it has burdened my heart.
She was initially brought as 5 year old orphan along with her sister with body full of pustules and head full of lice. She found a new home for herself as 2 year old child with Pastor Lawrence and his family. She then grew up at Open Hands International home in Tondamuthur, Coimbatore. After she finished her schooling, she was taken up into Esther home project. She is doing her Masters in social work degree at Bishop Apasamy College. On july 4th evening when she was waiting at the divider to cross the road, she was hit by a car on her left knee, which was crushed between the car and the divider. She was immediately rushed to the hospital and the doctor told that the limb is beyond salvage and she underwent a mid-thigh level amputation. She needs help for further treatment which will cost her around 5 lakh rupees. This donation is to cover her current hospitalisation, further rehabilitation and prosthesis. Donate for a good cause, donate for the underprivileged, donate to tell her that she has an extended family in the world.

We would like to invite you to join the Open Hands International (India) and partner with us in helping the underprivileged to lead more fulfilled lives.