Mission of Open Hands International (India)

Child Care

Children are the gift of God given to the society. They are born to live and not to strive. As the population increases day by day in India, numbers of children are starved of parenthood, love and care. It is our concern to care for these tiny buds and care for them in love and affection. OHI establishes homes, and works with local schools throughout the country with a special focus on the need children.

Tribal Children Care

Kalrayan Hills, at Salem District in Tamil Nadu State consists of numbers of Tribal villages, where Female infanticide still prevails among the tribal. The people in these villages have to walk in the forest for more than 8 kms if they want to go to school or a hospital.

Open Hands runs Ray of Hope Children Home to provide care for the needy children from Tribal Areas with quality food, clothes, safety, medical care and quality education.

Community Development

Integrated Rural Development projects in the urban and suburban areas of Coimbatore with a special focus on women and child development. OHI seeks to provide support for the prisoners in the areas of encouraging education among the inmates of jail. Open Hands donated class room furniture to the inmates of Central Jail at Coimbatore. Apart from these, it raises resources with the local voluntary agencies in implementing Women and Child Development programs.

Life Care Centres

Life Care Centres provide care for the children in a local community. Children enrolled in LCC are encouraged to come to the local centres after their school hours. They are given refreshments and daily evening meal. Mostly these children come from abusive homes where their developments are impaired. Competent and decimated teachers provide help with children’s daily academic needs. Children are taught good hygienic habits. LCC is a great way to provide nurture and care to the children in their neighborhood.


We would like to invite you to join the Open Hands International (India) and partner with us in helping the underprivileged to lead more fulfilled lives.